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Captivated is about gathering mums who are passionate about pursuing God and are working out how to do this in the day to day of being a mum. The aim is to be a space to encourage, inspire and challenge one another in walking closer with Jesus, loving our families and those around us.

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Since 2012, Captivated has held an annual conference which aims to be a space where we can come together to worship and have precious time to engage with God.

The 2019 Captivated Conference


was held in Salford in March

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Here’s what some Captivated Mums have to say:
Felt a completely safe place time and place to express my worship to God. There was no judgement, no right or wrong way to respond, I loved it. 


I loved it. The whole team was so welcoming and open to all mums with whatever age children/faith. Loved the discussion times reflecting on the morning message. Puts it all into practice.

Within the time we sang the first couple of songs I was already in tears. I hadn’t realised how spiritually dry I was and how in need of God’s closeness and refilling I was. My life is run by ‘What ifs…’ and it was a huge eye opener to how much I hold back because of it. I am already looking forward to my spiritual reboot next year!

It was a very nice day just dedicated to God. The atmosphere was great. I feel like I received a big boost in my walk with God and my daily life and to speak to other.

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