We can be so obsessed with the “spectacular.” But what if God has called us to small, ordinary things. May we still be faithful. May we still go about such things with great love and joy. Eugene Cho

I saw this quote on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and it summed up what I feel God’s been speaking to me about recently. Over the past year, with some other women, I’ve been looking at some of the women in the bible, there’s been Tamar, Rahab, Mary and Ruth – what women of faith. What strikes me every time when we come to an end of the women’s stories is this……their faithfulness.

In really difficult circumstances they stay faithful to what they felt God was prompting them to do. This challenges me. They must have felt frightened, excited, nervous, scared, unsure, in most cases they needed a whole lot of patience, yet they stayed faithful in what they had been asked to do.
But these women also encourage me, they were no-bodies. A prostitute, a young girl, a widow, they didn’t know their actions were going to be remembered for 1000’s of yrs. Many of their actions led to shame or a mundane, uneasy life, yet they stayed faithful, some of them saw fruit, some didn’t, but they kept trusting..

It gets me thinking? Would I be that faithful to God? Am I that faithful to God now, to the things he has asked me to be faithful in?

I’ve realised I need to look around at the circumstances I find myself in and choose to be faithful to God in what is already there. To trust that he will equip me with all I need as I hold fast to Him.

So, my relationship with Him, my marriage, my children, my job, my church, my community and so it goes on!

This can feel overwhelming, I want to give my all to everything God has given me, I want my faithfulness in those things to be the best, to be ‘spectacular’. But what I’ve found helpful is to strip it back; my faithfulness doesn’t need to be spectacular, it can and will most likely look ordinary.

Ordinary faithfulness looks different for all of us

For some it’s home cooked meal for the kids every night, for others it might be making sure your kids are literally fed, for some its praying for 1 person from church & turning up when you can, for others it’s running the weekly youth group, for some it’s holding your husband’s hand, for others it’s a weekly date night, & I could go on, but we have all been called to be faithful to God and the circumstances we find ourselves in in different ways.

The important thing I’ve found is to come daily to God, surrender to Him and seek to serve him in my everyday. Sometimes that’s spectacularly, most times it’s pretty ordinary. But it’s in the small things we can and will meet Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find this easy especially at this time of year, we have 3 children & lead a church plant & I work & it’s Christmas…. almost!
Life is busy and I want to do it well, but I need to make sure I am stopping, taking stock, lifting up my eyes to acknowledge Jesus.

So let’s challenge, but also encourage each other as mums, to not let ourselves be overwhelmed, but to remember it’s in the everyday ordinary things in which we can be faithful to God, we don’t always know the impact that will have but if we do it serving Him we can and will find joy.

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