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For the first time this year, we took an offering for Captivated during the conferences. Over the last five years, the Facebook group has grown to over 2000 members and is a constant hub of activity with more members being added every day. For the first time ever, we ran a second day-conference (our first down South!) in June due to the incredible way it is growing. We were so excited to see it happen, and witness God meeting with even more mums.

As a team, we have been so excited to watch God at work through Captivated and we feel privileged to be part of it. We have gathered key people around us who are supporting and praying for us and we value their input immensely. Each year we are handing more and more over to trusted friends who are helping with the practicalities of the conference. However, as a team of four mums, overseeing Captivated in our ‘spare’ time in-between looking after our littlies, working and being involved in our own Churches and communities, we are at our capacity.

Looking strategically to the future, we decided we would like to employ someone for just a few hours a week to carry out some of the administration of Captivated, taking some of the pressure off the team’s ‘spare’ time. This role will mean we are able to spend more time thinking about how we continue to develop and grow the work of Captivated.

Our problem is that we have very limited money! The conference is not a money making business and we rely massively on the goodwill of all those involved. We want to make the conferences as accessible as possible and we want to spend the ticket money we take on the mums who come. This is where the offering came in… We are excited to announce that we took that step, and now pay our own Becca Mason for two hours a week in this capacity.

We still need more help though. Do you believe in what Captivated does and could you contribute to help many others through Captivated?Would you prayerfully consider giving to the work of Captivated, regularly or as a one off?

Would you consider putting on an event to raise money for Captivated? Can you pray for us as we look to the future?

If you would like to do this, please email us at to arrange a one-off donation, or to set up a standing order if you like!

Thank you for your prayerful consideration,

Lizzie, Natalie, Beth and Becca
Captivated Team
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