I’ve been more struck than ever this year how Jesus’ birth in a stable – leaving the glories of heaven was from the first, this incredible revealing of his humility, choosing to live the least to accomplish his redemption purposes.

And how that can so often contrast with our sinful desires for far more than least position. We inwardly struggle with desire for status and position. Being known and loved by Jesus, should be enough and yet we seek to gain status and value from the world by what we own, what we do – and even position in ministry.

There is nothing wrong with beautifully decorated houses at Christmas, nothing wrong with having money, or career status – if our heart is worshipping Jesus as King first but these things mean nothing to God. God values a heart that seeks to pursue his kingdom over financial gain. God values dependence on him over dependence on ourselves. God values the least and the lost and doesn’t care a hoot about worldly status. Instead of a palace he chose a stable and yet he is the King of Kings. God cares more about faithfulness and character than position and charisma. Man looks on the outward appearance – on worldly status, but God looks on the heart.

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We’ve been reading John with the kids and it struck me how Nathanael asks ‘can anything good come from Nazareth?’ – where he sees no value – God chooses for his Son to live. Let’s share our lives, loves those with whom we can gain nothing. Let’s plant our new churches in the least likely places. In the places with the least likely influence. Let’s live for less in order that we might gain more of Jesus. With less of us, there is always more of Jesus.

This Christmas if you are feeling like you have less – know that you have EVERYTHING in Christ.

Know that he gave up heaven itself to be born into nothing in order to give you everything.

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