How many times do we hear, “Do not worry” around Christian circles? Or, “There are 365 references to not worrying or being afraid in the bible – that’s one for every day”.  This is great but does this filter down into us not worrying in practise? What does it look like to not worry? And dare I ask the question, if God is telling us so many times to not worry, when we do worry are we disobeying him and therefore sinning?

This blog is coming from an expert in worrying. It’s what I do well! When I was asked if I could write a blog this time round for the Captivated page I very nearly replied ‘I’m really not in the place to blog, I have nothing I can say…’ Sometimes it feels like life has to be sunny and great for us to feel we have permission to share and I certainly don’t feel like I’m on top of the world right now. I felt convicted and responded to the email, “yes of course I will!” I quickly realised that even though life is stressful and there are very hard things going on in life right now, it doesn’t mean Jesus isn’t with me and teaching me through the hard times; faithful and good God.

So I’m on a journey with my worrying…or trying not to! I haven’t got it sorted and don’t pretend to. Over my lifetime I have had many struggles with fear and anxiety and it pops up and spikes at certain times. However, recently I’ve grown to notice that it’s creeping in a bit too often for my liking, like a dull constant rather than a blip out of nowhere. I’ve got to the point now when I’m growing tired of worry being a ‘normal’ state in my life and I’m hungry and searching for a way to overcome it.

Worry, fear and anxiety are completely natural responses to major things that happen in our lives and I’m not referring about those times, I’m talking about the pattern of everyday life that is controlled by mindless worrying and fears.  As mums we worry and I think as women maybe we worry more than men too. But I feel Jesus leading me gently by the hand, quietly whispering and challenging me to deal with it.

In spending a while thinking and chatting with God about this, I’ve come to realise that firstly it starts with a choice. Yes, this does mean it has something to do with us. This may be through quoting scripture, praying continually or even telling yourself in a mirror not to worry! But thankfully we are not alone, it’s choosing not to worry but with the help of our loving Jesus. So secondly I believe it’s through praying for the renewing of the mind. We need to learn new ways and patterns of thinking, sometimes we can choose these on a daily basis but sometimes we need Jesus to renew our mind by the Holy Spirit.
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2 romans 12 2

In a world of worry with all sorts of external circumstances and possibilities that can terrify us, as Christian mums we should look different. Worry shouldn’t be and doesn’t need to be our natural state because we do not need to do or think as the world does. We are strangers on this earth, our home is with our Saviour Jesus and I want to live with that perspective on the earth. I long for a renewing of my mind so that when troubles come my way I can truly let it wash over me without sticking because I trust in a good God who is faithful and loves me.

Lord Jesus, I ask for a renewing of our minds by your Holy Spirit. Let us find a way to trust you so completely that we don’t worry and it does not become a natural state. Jesus bring freedom from the chains that bind us up, set us free form thinking as the world thinks. We are so sorry for when we worry and fear instead of trusting in You Almighty God. Help us be beacons to the world in the way we think as well as act. Lead us, transform us and set us free we pray. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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