feedback from previous conferences

“I came home full of peace and inspiration.”

“It was literally a turning point in my relationship with God it was the first time I spiritually had space since my baby was born.”

“A great day with friends, a time to rest, relax and meet with God. I felt better after attending as I had been very stressed before it and having time to stop, let it go and give it to God was so good for me.”

“I brought three other mums with me. All of us facing our own situations and all of us in need of a refreshing time with God. I think we all experienced a blessing that was individual to our needs.”

“The theme weaving throughout. It meant God started working in the first session and unravelled a beautiful healing all day.”

“The opportunity to go to 2 seminars and the times for reflection and prayer ministry really allowed time for God to be at work. Love the worship as always and it was lovely to have the day interspersed with worship.”

“Being given space to be with God, being told from the start that you worship how you like be free in Him. Enjoying meeting lots of women all going through the journey of motherhood and focus on God.”

“Meeting some of the team and being able to give personalities to the faces I see on face book. Also having time to just worship good in a relaxed way.”

“I had probably one of the best days of my life. The morning overwhelmed me a bit (in a good way!). I really feel that God spoke to me. During the worship in the morning I felt him in me telling me not to be stressed or worry and that I can do it! I have taken this on with fantastic energy and feel so positive that I am doing the right things.”

“I came away with practical ideas to help me in my walk of faith. It was also great to hear other ‘normal’ mums in same position. I experienced more of God’s love for me.”

“I really enjoyed the structure and timings of the day. Nothing felt rushed and there was time to reflect and enjoy the day – not something you usually get as a mum!”

“I felt like I was with family, it really was a memorable day.”

“Time to worship and draw closer to God without interruption (kids!) especially with so many other mums for whom being there would not have been an easy option (arranging child care etc) – being with that many women on fire for God was powerful! Extended times of worship were especially precious as so rare for a mum.”

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