My daughters the ‘waver’. You know, that child in the school nativity who is constantly waving and smiling at her parents. She enters the hall and her eyes are darting about the audience trying to find us. She sees me and waves. She delivers her lines and waves. She performs her song and waves.
Her eyes are fixed on me, and to be honest, my eyes are fixed her on. Yes, I watch the whole show and the other kids are cute and everyone does a really good job. But I’m there to see MY girl.

It times like these when I remember the years of longing for a child and I reflect on the gift that God gave us when we adopted her into our family. She belongs.

This morning I realised this is such a beautiful picture of how God feels about me. I’m adopted into his family; I’m loved so much and he can’t take his eyes off me. I am seen, known and loved and so are you!

Earlier this year I felt like God spoke to me and invited me to live as though he was the only one in my audience. I got the sense he wanted to meet me in the ordinary times of life and remind me of his presence. The phrase ‘you and me’ kept popping into my head. I loved it!

There were times when I’d be feeling a bit lonely or on the outside and God would say ‘It’s you and me’. Or times where I’d feel fearful and worried and I’d hear ‘It’s you and me’. With this ringing in my ears I was able to take those thoughts captive and apply the truth of his love and his promises.

Psalm 141 says, ‘But my eyes are towards you, O God, my Lord; in you I seek refuge; leave me not defenceless’. As he called and I fixed my eyes on him, I found my refuge and defence. It was like no one else mattered and I was being invited back to live for an audience of one, just like my precious little girl who seems to perform her nativity for just me.

Jesus, thank you that your eyes are on me, and you invite me to keep my eyes on you. In the small things and the big things, on the happy days and the hard days, my refuge can be found in you. Help us to hear your call and turn to you. Amen

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