Please tell us about your family

I’m a 35 yr old first time mum to a gorgeous (but high maintenance) 18th month old girl and married to a gorgeous (and low maintenance) 32 yr old man. He’s a vicar and we have just moved from to start a church.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My hubby gets up with our daughter, plays with her and starts I pretend to sleep while listening to them laugh. I just lie in bed for 20/30 mins and day dream. (and pray of course!!) I love my bed!!! And I love that my hubby is so good at looking after our daughter. Sometimes I think I could easily go back to work full time and let him stay at home!

I tend to take my toddler out in the am. We’ve only lived here 3 months but I’ve found a good playgroup in a local church, a brilliant gym group (like tumble tots I think) and a music group. After nap time (for toddler and Occasionally me) we watch mr blooms nursery (and eat grapes/sultanas) and then go out or play at home.

Bed for little miss is at 7pm, then we cook, eat and often watch tv or a film or go out to sports/exercise classes, or have a friend over.

I tend to go to bed at 10:30 (at the latest)

Have you always gone to church?

Have pretty much always gone to church, yes.

When did you discover a personal relationship with Jesus?

Was gradual growing up but probably most as a 15 year old.

Is there anything you struggle with when combining church-life and motherhood?

Well, at the moment there are only 4 of us (including a toddler) in our church so it’s fab!!

But before, in our old church, I suppose it was hard to really focus on the service content as I was always dealing with the baby. Not helped bu the fact that my hubby was on the stage!

I tried not to go to crèche in church so I could be in the service so always went armed with biscuits, sultanas and books for baby.

How does it work for you with finding time to talk to and listen to God since becoming a mother?

It’s definitely harder , although I’m a big believer in “you find time for the things you want to do”. I figure if I’ve got time to watch ‘great British bake off’, I’ve got time to pray. It’s my laziness that lets me down!!!

I suppose I have come to realise that Inviting God into every minute of the day and looking out for what he’s doing is key. Even in the tesco aisle or whilst pushing the swings at the park. I’m learning to be more god focused in the small moments.

‘barefoot in the kitchen’ by alie stibbie is an excellent book for going deep but not needing copious amounts of time

I suppose too, I don’t beat myself up if I haven’t had a ‘quiet time’ for days/weeks/years. Never have been a fan of them anyway. God is bigger and more creative than slots…..
Do you have any pearls of wisdom for all of us mums journeying with Jesus?

Invite God into all you do. In the mundane tasks ask his presence to fill you. Breathe in His spirit, know that you are loved and that He has purposes for you.

Is there anything you would like us Captivated ladies to pray for you about?

we’re trying to grow a church. Starting with non Christians. We need God to work! Thanks.

I find play groups etc….. Quite boring and get fed up with talking about babies etc….. I’d lve some quality conversations!

I need a part time job (I’m a teacher)

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