Esther is passionate about helping people find their true place in the world through church. She and her husband Richard and their children Isaac, Daniel, Joel, Levi & Eva planted Home Church Morecambe 10 years ago but she has since faced tragedy in the deaths of Richard and Daniel, both following long illnesses. She loves to write, preach and inspire people to want to know Jesus more.

To hear Esther’s seminar, ‘Brave in The Dark’ from our Brave conference in 2016, click below:




Hello! I’m Bethany and I live in East Manchester with the most patient man in history, Gav, and our cat, Shiloh (don’t ask me to decide who is cuter…) I’m the Youth & Schools Worker for Naked Truth, a Christian charity tackling the issue of pornography. I love Jesus, I love music and I love people so, as you can imagine, I REALLY love it when the three combine! 

I’ve been leading worship since I was 16 and have experienced first-hand the healing & joy that comes when we place our burdens into Jesus’ hands and raise our hands in thankfulness and praise! I love the vulnerability, unity and beauty of singing together and I LOVE the story, the vision and the heart of Captivated. What a privilege to spend a whole day inviting you beautiful women into the throne room of Jesus; a wonderful glimpse of heaven! 

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