If you have unsaved friends and family who just cannot see what a beautiful thing it is to walk with Jesus. If you’ve been been serving in any kind of ministry and it’s an absolute joy to serve but you’re still desperately waiting for God to move in power. If you’ve been crying out to God in prayer for break through in someone’s life. If you’re living for Gods Kingdom Come but the road feels narrow and costly, you are not alone. You walk with Jesus!!

The more I read the gospels, the more I see Jesus calling his followers to walk a cross centred life. A life living for the Kingdom of God is the most satisfying, amazing life to live. It’s an adventure. When I’m living for Jesus and not myself, I sense deep down this great feeling of this is who I was created to be.

The glorious purpose of making Jesus known is costly though. It’s hard. It can be lonely. It’s sacrificial.

As Jesus lived out his purpose on earth to share the best news of relationship with Creator God, of forgiveness of sins and life eternal, He faced rejection. He faced suffering. The bible tells us we are to expect just the same. To follow Jesus is a narrow path.

I’ve been feeling a little down hearted, so desperate to see hearts revived and longing for Jesus. I’ve been praying for opportunities to share the gospel and last week I nervously did with a beautiful lady so broken who desperately needs to know how much Jesus loves her…and she rejected it. Rejected her need for Jesus and it pains me to see a world so broken rejecting the only one who brings true healing and joy and hope.

But as I’ve been reading the gospels I’ve been reminded too, that the Kingdom of God is like a teeny, tiny mustard seed. So small you can hardly see it in the palm of your hand. And that seed will grow. And grow. And grow. The Kingdom of God is growing, we cannot see how it works but one day the Kingdom of God will be like a huge tree where birds can perch.

With the most tragic death came the most incredible life. As Jesus died on that cross, it looked as though all had failed. Where Jesus met his greatest rejection of all, life shone forth. Resurrection life followed.

If you are struggling today with life and ministry. Be encouraged. You are not alone. The Kingdom of God is growing! Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

Holy Spirit please encourage us to persevere, to walk your narrow path with joy. Thank you that Jesus walked that narrow path before us, for our sakes. Thank you that we have an eternity in heaven to look forward to. Thank you that you promise to be with us every moment of every day. You see our hearts. Thank you that you see me Jesus and you love me.

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