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Lizzie & Tom

Lizzie and Tom

In January 2007, 5 months after marrying Tom I discovered to my delight that I was pregnant. After the initial excitement a whole host of new emotions set in. Mostly I think, I was terrified of turning into someone else…I remember freaking out in Marks and Spencers when looking to buy Pj’s for my hospital bag. I’m more of a vest top and joggers sleeper, so buying button up pj’s (so I could feed the new baby easily) seemed to just symbolise the beginning of this new person who I was terrified of becoming. It took me the whole nine months to actually get my head round the fact that there was going to be a baby at the end of this pregnancy.

In September 2007, Caleb was born. What a beautiful boy and what an incredible blessing I do not take for granted. He had colic though (whatever that is) and it felt like he mostly screamed for the first few months and then was permanently grumpy until he was about 10 months old. Incredible how much a little person can bring so much joy and such so much stress all at the same time.

photo (54)In March 2010 Joseph was born and in April 2012 Gracie was born. Three children aged 7 4 and 2. After having six brothers and no sisters, Gracie is an extra special treat to me. I remember being aged 6 or 7 and crying when my mum gave birth to another boy – being so desperate for a sister, so I feel like I’ve been waiting for a girl all my life!

After having Caleb and realising my relationship with Tom, let alone Jesus was never going to be the same again I began to ask myself and God lots of questions like; how as a mum could I still be passionate about Jesus? Is it ok to still desire to do other stuff, other than wiping bums etc? Am I different person, now i’m not a full time paid worker but am a full time mum?

Discovering that there was very little in the way of Christian support for mums, I began to day dream about my friends and I attending a conference that would not only feel like a special outing and a treat but that would encourage us in our new and often overwhelming roles as parents. It would also inspire and challenge us to make the most of the new evangelistic opportunities we have during this stage in our lives.

I wanted to see if anyone would value a conference like this and set up Captivated Facebook Group. It soon became apparent that there are lots of mums out there who feel the same as me and really value the support Captivated gives them.

Scratching around for inspirations for my ‘young mums inspiration’ meeting this afternoon. Again you inspired me to inspire them. Thanks.

Thanks Lizzie for setting up this group. I am finding it so encouraging to be in touch with other Jesus following mummies in the same situation as me.

I began chatting to a few friends about making the dream of a conference into a reality and before long a working group of four mums was formed, a date was set and a venue booked.

And now we have eight conferences under our belts! Absolutely, completely, a testimony to how great God is – because planning a conference with little people has totally meant we have had to rely on God A LOT! The story of the little boy with a few loaves and fishes, really resonates with us, the Captivated team. We feel like God has taken the little offering we have in our hands and used it to make Captivated happen. It’s a miracle that God can use a bunch of stretched, busy mums to create a conference where hundreds of mummies can come before God and be encouraged.

As time went on and things grew – including our own families! We became a team of six (which is AMAZING apart from trying to find meeting dates that all of us can do!)

I have grown to love SO much the team of incredible ladies that I get to dream and scheme with. We are currently praying about what the future holds for Captivated, what the future will bring and how best to serve and bless the incredible mums who are are part of the captivated community.

Lizzie Bassford

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