When I was a student and single, I felt God promise that he would give me a Caleb one day. The bible says in Numbers 14:24 that God said of his servant Caleb that he ‘had a different spirit and followed the Lord wholeheartedly’. At the time, I knew that meant I needed to wait for a husband that was different to the many, many guys I fancied – and God gave me Tom, who for those who know him, will know he certainly has a different spirit (ha ha) and certainly, mostly follows the Lord wholeheartedly. When my number one son was born, it felt totally right to call him Caleb. The wonderful fruit of the promise God had given me all those years before.

Last night I was reminded of my responsibility to pray for my children, and bring them up in a way, that they would grow up to be all that God created them to be. So for Caleb I am reminded to pray that his spirit would be different to the spirit the world has to offer and that he would follow the Lord wholeheartedly. For Joseph my prayer is that he would be a worship leader, not necessarily with music but that his love for Jesus would lead others to grow in their love for Jesus (a word spoken over him at his dedication). As Mary treasured in her heart the promises spoken about Jesus (Luke 2v19), so I treasure the promises spoken over my children.

I wonder what promises you are treasuring in your heart? Maybe this week you could meet up with another friend and lift your children up to Jesus again. I don’t suppose we can pray enough prayers for our children. Tom’s grandparents were incredible followers of Jesus and I know they lifted up in prayer Tom and his brothers on a daily basis. What a rich heritage! I want to do the same for my children.

Ps. Thank you so much for the profiles of yourselves you are putting on the facebook group page. They are truly inspiring and encouraging. please do add yours.

Lizzie Bassford

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