When there seems to be more questions than answers. When  joy is a battle. When life is tough. When you are living with disappointments… God gently whispers. Look at me. Fix your eyes on me.  Come to me.

Right now, I feel like Peter. Somehow I have found courage to get out of the boat and walk towards Jesus, because I so desperately love him and I want to be close and I recognise that I can’t do life without him…but there are all these waves; questions, disappointments and it’s cold and wet and hard and sometimes just downright lonely. Jesus said following him would cost us and it does. And before I know it I’ve taken my eyes off Him and I begin to sink. Actually I’m drowning. Spluttering. Crying. Crying out, someone please hear me, and Jesus the God-man whispers above the waves. “Look at me. Fix your eyes on me. Come to me.”

And like Peter, I’ve got it wrong. I’ve been trusting in the fact that I got out of the boat. Perhaps I have even been so amazed that I got to walk on water, that I have forgotten why, who I was heading towards. In an instant we can forget why we chose Jesus. Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. Jesus the God-man who in all things works for the good of those who love him. Even the things, we are in right now. Even the waves we see all about us right now. And I know I’ve got to shift my trust towards Him because until I do that I will keep sinking.

God forgive me for not trusting you. Help me to trust you. Help me to love you with not just my head, but with all of my heart, all of my soul and all of my strength. Help me to glorify you with all of my life. Give me eyes to see you above the waves. Give me ears to hear you over the wind. Help me cling to your promises and set my feet upon the rock that is you. 

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